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In the early ‘90’s, I decided to try my hand at black and white photography.  I bought what is still considered one of the best if not the best film camera for black and white, the Pentax K-1000.  Once I was in the class and the initial excitement gave way to learning all the terms and what an F-Stop was, it occurred to me to wonder what there was to be so excited about – after all it was just black and white, not color.

It occurred to me that my thing – what I was going to focus on (pardon the pun) – was shadows. I’d taken pictures of objects sure but hadn’t really thought about those objects in terms of where their shadows were. So I decided to take pictures of shadows – shadows alone, shadows that were close together, I even did some tricks with shadows in the dark room with the superimposition of negatives.

So that was my focus.  And as it turned out, it was a good choice for me.  While I was good at choosing an interesting way to shoot something, my fascination with shadows always was evident in my work.

And that is how I like to think about making art and how I think we all need to think about it.  Don’t worry about how your art might be similar to what is already out there but find ways to make it uniquely your own. Maybe the exclusive use of one palette, the size of the eyes in the people in your paintings, there’s always some way to put your own mark on your work.

Thinking back to what I said here last week about apples and art, I believe that even if the work of two artists has within it the same subjects, and there are only so many things to make art about and the artist just has to find his or her own flair or stamp of uniqueness and that’s what make their art, your art, unique and that uniqueness is what makes our art a joy to us and our customers.

So the next time you, or a well meaning critic, think your art is not original or is easily duplicable, remember what your personal stamp is and rest assured that that stamp is what make it your own.


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