My Mixed Media Journey

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When I was about 10 years old, I was very sick. Most of my life was spent in bed and hospitals, and feeling pretty bad. In 1973, I had my last operation which kept me out of school most of the year but I was getting healthy.
When I got home and was getting stronger, I discovered I liked to make collages. I had a steady supply of construction paper in various colors, magazines and a little table in my bedroom to make my masterpieces. I’d sit in a big comfy chair and cut images out of magazines and paste them onto the paper. I remember being very picky about what pictures went together. I remember at one point having something like 500 collages.
I don’t know what happened to all the collages though I remember giving one to a girlfriend of one of my brothers who had come to visit. Eventually I lost interest in collaging but always liked stuff, cards, buttons, and scraps of fabric. One Christmas I got a book about collecting and I loved it, I could keep my stuff and call it a collection Eventually I forgot about the collaging and collecting because I got back to going to school and more normal kid stuff.
Fast forward to the past 10 or so year. I started thinking about collaging again and discovered at the local fair quilts that were really more like collages with buttons and pins and thought, “Collages with stuff. Neat.”
Years later when one of my brothers got cancer, I made him a framed collage with a blue ribbon, a few items intended for scrap bookers, and I think, a puzzle piece. I was hooked. It was collaging with stuff.
I did one or two more for some family members and when my son and I moved to our new place, I took the battery operated clock off the was and pretty much dismantled it.
Over the first week or two after having gotten everything unpacked, I looked at the clock and planned what to do with it and then I chose the things I wanted to put on it. And that was when I got hook on 3D collaging and mixed media.
Over the past two years, I have discovered what I like to do in terms of mixed media art and am best and. Whether it’s labeled “mixed media”, “recycled art”, or any other current term, I’m loving it.


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