What Are You Planning For?

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I have a plan.  I had a plan.  I plan my pieces to incorporate certain things and have gotten to the point of making sure I have at least one piece from each category, one that supports the religion highlighted, such as Christianity or Judaism, then the rest just sort of seem to fit.  And of course I need to have enough of everything for more than one piece.  Such planning gets tiring, expensive, and ultimately can slow an artist down.

In mixed media, as in all art, you need a plan. Right? You need to make sure you have all the pieces you need to make that art you want and to represent what you intend to. If you have a square you need to make sure you have a circle, if you have a spiritual symbol, you need to find another to balance it out.  If we’re not careful, soon the art becomes more about planning than art.

I know that artists need somewhat of a plan.  A plan is good.  It helps us fulfill the needs or expectations of our customers and therefore their own need for profits.  Series’ are born of planning and can be very successful.

But when is there too much planning involved in art.  It doesn’t take long for a plan to become an obsession and that is the last thing an artist needs, another obsession.

Maybe instead of a plan what would be more appropriate, more in the spirit of the art we make, would be intention.  That we intend to do our best to express what we feel our viewers will be happy seeing.



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