Mixed Media for a Good Cause

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One of the reasons I haven’t posted for a while is that between work and school and other summertime pursuits, I have been trying to complete a few memory boxes.

I discovered memory boxes when I first became obessed with mixed media.  In one of my first posts, I mentioned the clock I made a mini collage of, well during that same time was the first time I went into Micheal’s crafts with some serious intentions toward stocking up on artsy things. I was almost craving things to make collages and I came across a magazine I had only heard about called Somerset Studio – a jewel not only because it is terribly hard to find but it itself is a piece of art.

My first issue was the “aubergine issue” and any fan of the mag knows they all take on special names eventually.  It was, I’m pretty sure, that I first saw a little classified ad for the Tole Memory Box program.

It took me a while to get started with it and I am probably the slowest painter EVER but I get it done. Just sent 3 out yesterday.


For those that don’t know, in short, painters – of which I am one -get paper mache boxes and decorate theme appropriately for children and the boxes then go to various hospitals so that bereaved parents have some where to put memories of their departed child.

I found it was a great way to get my feet wet with paint and mixed media while doing something good. I have learned a lot about paint – what works and what doesn’t in terms of color combinations and also about using base coats.

So if you want to learn something new, practice your painting or just help those who could use your creativity, try them out.  Go to http://www.memoryboxes.org and learn more about painting and design while helping others heal.


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