Some Thoughts On Social Media

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This is a response I made to the question, “”Has your business taken the fun out of social media?” in a Linked In Group.

I see Soc. Me. as a way to just redirect people to pages, etc. I did recently talk with a couple of people in town here who said that yes it is just mainly a redirection tool. I was surprised to learn that a lot of those inspirational photos, etc that are constantly on my Home page in FB are initiated by FB itself. I was told that by doing that myself with original content – or passing on those pix – that chances grow that it will lead people back to my page and eventually to my business. Like they’d think, “Who was it that posted that” and it would eventually lead to me. What I would hope is that something – a visual probably – would associate in their mind with my business. Facebook’s Crap Shoot Factor.

I’ve sort of made peace with Soc. Me. and now see it as something that I somewhat enjoy and a way to get eyes off that page onto either one of my blogs or, and this would be the big win, my business web page. To that end, whenever I make a change to a blog post, I make sure it cross promotes on all my Fbook pages. It would be a circuitous route I’m sure and I have no feedback that that has happened but I try. I think that is the only worth of Facebook anymore – getting eyes, hearts, and minds where you want them to be – your business or charity.


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