Blogging Choices for Artists

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I’m planning on moving my blog to another blog host and am doing some homework to see which one or ones tend to be more popular among artists.  Help me decide by taking my poll here.



Imitation is Good for the Soul

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If imitation is the sincerest for of flattery, could it also be the kindest way to teach yourself a new art technique?

Contributors to Somerset Studio invite readers to use the techniques they demonstrate in order to reproduce their creations.  For artists who use the instructions, assemble the necessary tools, and try to re-create what the published artists have done, is this the best, most non self- judgmental way for them to learn and appreciate their own talents?  When we try to recreate or copy what has been created by another artist, we might feel a little less like our very heart and soul depends on the outcome if the piece comes out differently than the original than if we create something that is not what we had hoped, planned, or intended.  We may in fact actually learn something about how we choose – maybe subconsciously, maybe consciously – to work with certain tools.

As kids when we first learned cursive – at least when teachers used to teach it – we learned by copying letters above the chalkboard and in writing in lined tablets.  We traced, we imitated, we learned.  Is it like that in art?  Perhaps to learn, and feel comfortable that when the learning process is done what we have is truly our own, we need to imitate others first.

When we sat in class in a Zen like trance and traced letters, the teachers knew that eventually our letters would take on their own – our – personality.  And so it is with art.  When we use methods of artists with morePicture 001 experience than ourselves, we learn things that will serve us in many ways throughout our lives.

So feel good about copying for learning or self-satisfaction what has been created by others, it will help you relax into nonjudgmental learning and ultimately, develop you own style.

Blog Tour- Get Caught up in Fall

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I’m going on a Blog Tour! I see blogs all over the place and am intrigued and inspired but just bookmark them and go on with my day.  Maybe I should make a special book mark folder and keep a date with myself, use my Yahoo calendar or something? What are the things you make a point of doing every week or so? What do you wish you did on a regular basis but have not made the time for? Go ahead and do that Now as we role on into Fall.

Artist’s Poll

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Let the world know what kind of art you love. Take this fun poll.



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