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So after having read lots of articles on layering and the joys of layering, I finally decided to give it a try.  I had received a package in the mail with this unusual packing paper in it that was meant to be recycled but I thought was just intriguing.

I’d watched things on the Internet and read about layering but my first thugth was always that I didn’t want to cover the original image up and what if I liked what I had and wanted to stop too soon. I had seen the way artists in magazines were able to add layers but still have previous layers show through but couldn’t see this working for me.
The first nice surprise I had was that use of a medium instead of glue really did work.  It not only held on what I wanted it to but it also made it’s own little surface as it glued and puddled and settled.  So that was settled, I really believed medium would work as a glue.  Not only that but I was pleased to find that it did let the colors that were already on the canvas board show through.


But then I stopped.  I knew that one layer did not a layering project make but I was so pleased with the way it looked, I didn’t want to cover it.  So what I ended up with isn’t really a layering project, like most first timers I suppose I just became too pleased with my project and didn’t want to mess it up.


Next time I’ll get more adventurous… at least that is what I tell myself.  But don’t we all.


Color Scheme Gallery

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Check out this great tool I found for match colors:

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